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By using, you acknowledge and accept the content of our Privacy Policy. When we amend our Privacy Policy, we will alert all users. Our service, the various features of A Writing Hand, may eventually include advertisements that help us provide this service. We will do our best to keep potential advertisements related to the service we provide and that advertisements will not be distracting or detrimental to the aesthetics of the site. may terminate your use of our service if you fail to follow our privacy policy.

General uses Wordfence to scan for malware and to track user activity. When you use our website, visit various pages, and participate, a small file called a cookie is downloaded to your computer. This information allows us to monitor how you use our site and data is collected by us for analytical purposes, the data can help us assess our website, diagnose and solve technical issues, and plan improvements and new features. No personal information is stored in a cookie, the only personal information we have access to is what you choose to add to your user profile. Only registered users can view your profile. Cookies only track your usage of particular websites, we do not have access to your non-AWH browsing habits.

Examples of how we would use the information that is tracked:

  • We may notice that a certain category of posts is getting more attention than others. For instance, articles related to world building might get a lot more activity than articles about general tips. This can help us see that more focused posts in our “Tips” category are better received by our users, we can then work on providing more content that the people want to see. We can also work on improving the types of content that don’t perform as well.

If you’d like to learn more about cookies, visit this conveniently named website :

Since we just linked to a third party site, it’s the perfect time to note that A Writing Hand is not responsible for content found through third party links. A Writing Hand does not endorse any content found on third party sites. By linking to a third party site, you assume all related risks. When A Writing Hand links to a third party site, it is done for convenience and to benefit our users.

You should take a look at the privacy policies of each website you use, whether you find the site through A Writing Hand, or some other source.


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Code of Conduct

All user submitted content is the sole responsibility of the one who submits it. You agree to assume all related risks to the content you post. The content you make available shall not be unlawful or harmful. All content posted is subject to review by the A Writing Hand admins and we reserve the right to remove any content that is deemed inappropriate. If you are posting or uploading something to our site that may contain content not suitable for younger ages, you agree to include a proper warning in an easy to locate spot within your work and/or in the description of your work.

You agree not to claim ownership of any work posted by another user, all rights remain in the hands of the original publisher. If you share content from another source to, or share content you find on, you agree to give credit to the source.

Posted Works does not claim ownership of the works you submit. While it remains posted to our site, we maintain a royalty free license to keep your work posted. A Writing Hand is not intended to be used for self publishing, though you may do so if you choose, at your own discretion.

As the author of your own posted works, you assume all associated risks and will hold harmless against any claims that may come from the content you post and share to our service.

Final Thoughts

This privacy policy was last updated on February 24th, 2016 and remains currently up to date. Any revisions or amendments made to our privacy policy will be made public through email alerts to our members. If you have any questions related to our privacy policy, whether it be more information on something present or something you think should be added to our policy that is currently missing, feel free to contact us.