One thought on “Compatible

  • November 14, 2017 at 7:06 pm

    The fearless leader returns! Evolution of AI is a frightening concept and seems to be happening (Google’s AI learning to fucking walk!). These lines were brutal and really drove the pseudo-sterilization of all aspects of life home:
    “Elly?” Hal obliged. “She’s been under 80 for a while now.”
    Ashley couldn’t help but laugh. “I’ll forgive the music, or
    even TV, but for people? That’s really high for people.”
    I fear this is what our culture of bubbles is becoming… The fact that Ashley turns out to be the android was genius. The way you book-ended that with the demonstration worked incredibly well structurally, and the whole of it, especially that Q and A is deeply unsettling at an existential level. This is my absolute favorite work of yours!

    Two things I need to know: why the doctor marked Evan and WHO WAS THE ANDROID??? Josh!!!! WTF???? I have a suggestion – what if it turns out to be the doctor? The stutter was a bit distracting at times. It could have been a ploy to fool the audience, though.

    You have “lead” when you need “led to this moment.”

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